34.00 EUR

  • Beholders eyeing you up? A full metal set of 7 poly dice, electroplated in a glorious battled metallic finish is sure to help you vanquish evil!
  • Full poly set includes a D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12 and of course the D20. All the dice have been checked individually for defects,but please note that small light scratches and dents are part of the battled finish.
  • Each and every set of metal dice from DnDice comes complete in a premium black metal carry tin finished with the Silver Metallic Dragon insignia. The carry tin is lined with a dense foam, each die getting its own slot inside. The lid is also lined with thick foam, providing the perfect place to roll those natural 20's!*
  • Comes with 1 out of 10 special modular dungeon tiles at random, for various role playing games, that can be used to create near unlimited different variations!
  • *Natural 20's not guaranteed due to the fact these are Die Cast Zinc, which are about as random as dice can get.